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Hours of online lesson
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Years of Private Home Tuition
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Year of Teaching Italian at Royal Holloway University of London
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Interactive presentations

Lessons are conducted using interactive presentations through screen sharing.

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Google Drive Document

Each student is provided with a shared online document that works as a whiteboard during the lessons.

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Bonus access to Quizlet for extra vocabulary practice.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson with Giorgia and definitely look forward to working with her in the future

Tammie Verbling

Giorgia is not only extremely helpful and intelligent, but funny – which turns the classes interesting and amusing. Every week I look forward to learning with her 🙂

Amanda Verbling

I had an excellent session with Giorgia! This was my first lesson with her. I had to reschedule with her at a minutes notice which left her unprepared and I STILL COULDN’T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER LESSON! She did an amazing job at explaining things so that I could understand them. I noticed she is very patient, friendly and genuine in her desire to help her students learn Italian. She did a great job typing things out so that I can use it for studying. She is by far the best tutor I have had and I will be buying many more lessons!

Sean Verbling

Excellent! I appreciate her teaching skills.

Adrienne Verbling

Very friendly and knowledgeable. She is patient and cheerful as well.

Ginger Verbling

Giorgia is awesome! She is patient, kind and really knows how to explain the details of the Italian language. I’m really happy to learn with her 🙂

Amanda Verbling

Giorgia clearly explained the subtle nuances between the imperfect and the passato prossimo through sentences I constructed beforehand. She also gave an introductory mini lesson on “ci”, a grammar point which I will learn later on. Her enthusiasm for teaching Italian is evident. I strongly recommend Giorgia as an Italian teacher!

Samuel Cafetalk

Giorgia is a great teacher and caters to your knowledge level as well as your personalized request. In addition she holds admirable academic language knowledge and is able to adapt to student’s individual needs. She was punctual and propfessional.She holds a lot of passion for teaching and is wholeheartedly recommended. 🙂

Aleksandra Cafetalk