Who am I?

My name is Giorgia and I’m a 26 year old Italian teacher and Oxford student. I come from Rome but I live between Italy and England. I graduated in Italian Linguistics and Literature in Rome (BA) and I then achieved an MA in Applied Linguistics at UCL (London, UK), I am currently reading an MPhil in Linguistics, Phonetics and Philology at Oxford University with a focus on Italian (historical) linguistics and dialects. I also spent a year abroad during my Bachelors at Royal Holloway University of London and, in 2017, I got the DITALS certification to teach Italian as a Foreign Language.

I have a big passion for my language and culture, I like to speak it, study it, live it and also teach it! I’ve been teaching Italian for 6+ years in language schools, universities, privately and online (450+ hours) and I truly enjoy it. I love meeting people from all over the world and helping them with the language. I always end the lesson enriched by the mutual sharing of stories and experiences with my students and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. 

Why i'mitalish?

As my online lessons progressed, I felt the need to support them with a platform that would allow me to share useful material to facilitate my students’ learning journey and possibly reach out and help many more people who are willing to take a challenge with the language or who simply want to know more about the culture and what’s behind some mere complicated grammar rules. 

My ultimate goal is to provide all those who have an interest for the language and its culture with a ‘virtual space’ in which to seek answers, learn more, voice their doubts and create a community.

What does '' i'mitalish '' mean?

The name wants to be a play-on-word because i’m Italian and English: these are my two languages and the languages adopted for this platform and I do live between Italy and England. It can also be read as if the suffix –ish denoted an (artificial, in this case) adjective that says what a person is like (e.g. foolish, childish). Similarly, you can be italish!

Education and Training

MPhil Linguistics, Phonetics and Phonology
University of Oxford
(Oxford, UK)

BA Italian Literature and Linguistics
Roma Tre University
(Rome, Italy)

MA Applied Linguistics
University College London
(London, UK)

Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language