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The perfect program if you don't know where to start and you want to learn Italian with like-minded people.

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through Italian

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Learning a language can feel overwhelming, stressful, and lonely at first. If you don’t know where to begin, you have no one to speak to, and may not afford private lessons then this course is for you!

PARLA ITALIANO is a ten-week program designed to give you structure, confidence, support, and community when learning Italian.

What's included in the course?

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3 pre-recorded video-lessons per week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

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pdf summaries to revise + exercises to practice after every lesson

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3 small-group lessons to practice your speaking*

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access to private group to connect with other students and share progress

*These are available to book in week 3, 6, and 9. They're NOT mandatory, just an extra opportunity to practice.

By the end of the course you'll be able to:

  • Talk about yourself, friends, and family.

  • Order at bars and restaurants.

  • Talk about your hobbies.

  • Talk about your daily life, your routine.

  • Talk about your travels.

  • Talk about your past.

  • Ask for directions and information.

  • Talk about your future projects.

  • Make plans with friends and family.

  • Plan a trip and book hotels.

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  • How long does the course last?
    This is up to you! You'll have access to all 10 modules on January 22 and you can watch the pre-recorded lessons whenever you have the time. You could potentially finish the course in 10 weeks if you complete one module every week.
  • Is this course for me?
    PARLA ITALIANO is for you if you're a beginner student and don't know where to start, you're looking for structure, support, and a community to practice with. The program is also perfect for all those who already know a little bit of Italian and would like to have a nice revision of the basics of the language. The course is not suitable for intermediate and advanced students. This course is particularly suitable for those who speak English or another Romance language (e.g. Spanish, French, etc.).
  • What level will I reach by the end of the course?
    This mainly depends on how much time you will dedicate to the course and on wether you'll integrate it with some self-study or not. The course covers the grammar of the A1 level and some of the grammar of the A2 level. By the end of the program, you should be able to reach a basic conversational level: you'll learn to talk in the present, past, and (to some extent) the future as well, and we'll also introduce the condizionale for polite requests. We'll get familiar with pronouns and prepositions, and we'll learn plenty of useful phrases to use in different contexts: restaurants, birthdays, parties, buying tickets, booking tables, ecc.
  • Is the course taught in English?
    No, the course is entirely taught in Italian. I want you to hear me speak Italian from the very beginning. With that being said, English subtitles are available. I believe in the language immersion from day 1 but I also don't want you to feel completely lost, don't worry! Hopefully, I'll be able to provide subtitles in other languages in the future.
  • Will there be exercises to practice?
    Yes, absolutely! There is plenty of quizzes and interactive exercises. Also, at the end of every week, you'll find a prompt to practice your writing. You can submit your text via e-mail and I'll send it back to you with corrections.
  • Will I be able to practice the speaking?
    Yes, you can book up to three private live session with me or another teacher. These classes are a perfect opportunity to ask questions, ask for additional explanations, and practice your Italian. At this time, these classes are only available during February and March. They're NOT mandatory, just an extra opportunity to practice!
  • I have other questions!
    You can contact me at or on instagram should you have other questions!
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